Thank you

Hey Royals,

It is with much gratitude in my heart. I am sending a huge Thank You to every single person who has ever said a kind word to me during or after the process of releasing the EP THIRTY…


Hey Royals,

The long wait is almost over! I am releasing my EP ON SEPTEMBER 17,2021. I am really excited! This took a few years to make and there were A LOT of things I had to deal with along…


First Canadian Radio Play

Hey Royals! 

I been here. I been there. I been thanking God for keeping me safe. I have some exciting news. My song "Focus" will be getting its first Canadian Radio Station Play on Monday, August 16th,2021 during the 7PM…


Focus Updates

Hey Royals, so it has been a few months since I have released two songs off my EP Thirty One. Well, I have some news to share. My song Focus was played on LWR RADIO  . That was exciting and…



Hey Royals,


As you may or may not know. I have an art venture that I am currently embarking on. I would love your support if you could check out my products and share with your friends. I currently have…

Second Single I Want A Connection (IWAC)

Hey Royals,

There is no better time than the present. I am moving with grace and guidance. This journey of creating and releasing music has not been easy. I have to keep reminding myself that the purpose is to do…

Update on Contest



Hey Royals,  

I come to share that the contest that was running is over and there is no winner. Thank you to those who shared the song along the way or streamed or downloaded it. I am truly grateful with…



Hey Royals, 

A huge thank you to Dennis Barham, Phililp, and my younger brother Cohane.

I am so thankful to be living in what God placed in my heart. I can say that it is amazing



Hey Royalty,

I got a few t-shirt designs available on  FRUITFUL GLORY A.R.T.S This was started from the acronym G.O.A.L.S =God Ordained Active Living Steps. It simply means when anyone is aligned with God your goals will match the way…

Keep Going


Believe that the love you need can come from you! God is within you seek him first!


P.s. In 15 days Focus will be available. 





Focus Contest 2021 

2020 was a year of complete transformation for a lot of us. We began to dive deeper into ourselves and purge impurities and keep delicacies. If you did not that’s okay.  We are all in different seasons…