Focus Contest 2021 

2020 was a year of complete transformation for a lot of us. We began to dive deeper into ourselves and purge impurities and keep delicacies. If you did not that’s okay.  We are all in different seasons…

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New Logo


I have a new logo. It was done by my friend Monah at Eloquent Expressions. Please check her out.

This logo displays my love for music and nature. I was gifted with the ability to create. 


Forever Toys World

An amazing evening with great people and excellent food. 


Good evening Royals,

I just wrote a blog about this event and it got deleted so now I am rewriting it. On October 26,2019 I attended Toronto Artist Leila Dey's Toys…

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Growing and Learning

Good Evening Royals,

How are y'all doing? I know it's been a while since I last posted on my blog. I have been neglecting this space. So, here I am again. I recently went out to Chapters and bought some…

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Good Morning Royalty!

I recently decided I wanted to volunteer for different social events within the city. So I found two events Jerk Fest and also Afro-Carib. It was really an interesting experience. I got to see what happens behind…

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I like my Koffee straight

Greetings Kings and Queens, 

You are Royal. 

On August 5,2019 I went to see Koffee live in concert at Phoenix Concert Theatre. It was Rammmmed! It was hotttttt! And the Dj killllllled it. He set up the vibez so nice…

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Martkd Sneaker Competition

Good Evening Kings ad Queens,

You are royal.

On August 4,2019 was my second art competition called Martkd at Scarborough Town Centre but before I continue I must shoutout the DJ cause he had me with the 90's soul vibes! 

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Get Your Art On! Battle of the Arts

Good Afternoon Kings And Queens, 

You are royalty. 

On July 27th,2019 I performed in my first art competition ever! It was at North York Sheridan Mall called Get Your Art On! Battle of the Arts. This event was to conclude…

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Chapter 31

Today marks a new chapter in life. Thank you! I ask god for his guidance, protection, and strength because being a single mom is not anything I could have ever imagined. Nonetheless I am blessed and practicing gratefulness. Thank you…

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I am back! I have started a new business venture that I am thrilled to share. Greeting cards and art work. Please stay tuned for new music and artwork! Love, Chanel 


Open Mic

I feel like I am in my right element. I still have some grooming to do but I performed at an open mic tonight and I felt amazing. I am beyond proud of myself I cannot wait to do it…

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It Has Been Done

I performed for the first time in a long time. It was nerve racking but I enjoyed it and I hope to do it again very very soon. Thank you to all the people that came out to support I…

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