Sometimes it wont make sense, do it anyway. ” - Chanel Fyffe
Chanel Fyffe, black woman, Jamaican, Scarborough, Ontario, 4c Hair, water, thirst, proud, kingdom woman, purpose, creative, Toronto,God

We All Have A Purpose

This is hers

Chanel Fyffe is a Canadian Jamaican RnB Soul (but is not opposed to singing in other genres)
singer/creator/visual artist/producer that was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario.

Her music is described as smooth and honest. When
you listen to her you will be taken back to era of the 90’s which will have you reminiscing about
the old days.

She began writing poetry at the age of 10 years old. She kept most of her poems to herself because she was afraid of what other people might think of them since they were quite personal.

Eventually she got over the fear and began sharing her poems with family and friends.
They encouraged her to continue writing but then she thought what if I turned these poems into songs and that is when the dream began to grow in her heart of pursuing music as a career. She joined many programs within various low-income communities that involved writing, singing, and preforming such as; One World; Glendower, Beatz To Da Streetz, and a few others. She helped to facilitate music workshops for youth within various low-income communities
alongside well known Canadian rappers such as Theology3 and Daneo. It seemed as though she was on a steady road to pursuing music but as she got older she become quite self conscious of
her voice and compared it to her favorite artists which in turn only motivated her less. She
decided that maybe it was best she stopped trying to pursue music and get a regular 9 to 5 job like a majority of her friends.

Her simple yet consciously creative image prompted her to want to be a fashion designer but that
failed so she become an Early Childhood Educator working with children in daycares. As
months and days went on, she realized that this career was not her true love. She was nudged into music by God as he told her it is time to make a change and pursue an ultimate dream. When I say nudged I mean literally because at home on a Sunday morning she fainted and become filled with a feeling of none other than the Holy Spirit. At first, she ignored the signs but then when she fainted outside while with the children she knew it was really her time to leave and pursue her dreams. She was very hesitant about applying for the Seneca Independent Music Program but with the events that occurred she had to do it.

Thankful to the lord she graduated from the program with Honours. She released her EP Thirty One during the month of September. Since it has been released it has been heard all over the globe. as her song has been heard in Canada, Japan, Jamaica, Australia, India, United Kingdom, and Spain just to name a few. Her EP was showcased on two Blogs with very positive reviews. You can call her an international artist.  Follow her journey on social media platforms to stay up to date or Subscribe for exclusive content. You are royal always remember that!

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Chanel Fyffe, black woman, Jamaican, Scarborough, Ontario, 4c Hair, Artist, Toronto
Chanel Fyffe, black woman, Jamaican, Scarborough, Ontario, 4c Hair, head wrap, beauty
Chanel Fyffe, black woman, Jamaican, Scarborough, Ontario, 4c Hair, self-love, purpose, meaning

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