Well...its 2022 

I know its been a while but that's what happens sometimes in the life of a creative. Sometimes you are consistent and then other times you take a long, long, long, long, long, break. 

I'm back.

I just wanted to share that recently on March 27th,2022 I did my first live radio interview at ilive Radio Toronto

Thank you so much to DJ Sessions for having me in for Indie Music Day on their station. They have been supporting Canadian talent from time. You can watch the interview which was with some really cool artists here --> ilive Radio Interview

You can also watch a little compilation video of some BTS footage

Have a blessed day! 


Thank you  

Hey Royals,

It is with much gratitude in my heart. I am sending a huge Thank You to every single person who has ever said a kind word to me during or after the process of releasing the EP THIRTY ONE. Ryan Michaels was is the genius behind this project. He recorded, produced, edited, and mixed and I want to make sure EVERY SINGLE PERSON KNOWS THIS MAN IS SUPER TALENTED!!! He also does videography and photography and so much more! I am so honored that he believed in me enough to work with me. Soul Strutter did a review on my EP and I want to send a special thank you as well go check em out! Have a blessed day! 


Hey Royals,

The long wait is almost over! I am releasing my EP ON SEPTEMBER 17,2021. I am really excited! This took a few years to make and there were A LOT of things I had to deal with along the way. I am very happy that I am here today to say DO NOT GIVE UP DREAMS DO COME TRUE! 

First Canadian Radio Play  

Hey Royals! 

I been here. I been there. I been thanking God for keeping me safe. I have some exciting news. My song "Focus" will be getting its first Canadian Radio Station Play on Monday, August 16th,2021 during the 7PM hour so tune into The Block with Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe! Thank you kindly Angeline and CBC for the support it means so much especially during this time! 

Small steps in the right direction! Another announcement coming soon! 


Chanel Fyffe

Focus Updates  

Hey Royals, so it has been a few months since I have released two songs off my EP Thirty One. Well, I have some news to share. My song Focus was played on LWR RADIO  . That was exciting and the reaction to the song was genuine. So, thank you to Joannie Joannie for playing my song. Focus was also featured in a short online ad for Allwood Mrkt you can check it out on their Instagram page Allwood Mrkt. Thank you Kevin for the feature. I truly appreciate the support! Focus is now currently feature on Toronto City Music 311. So, thank you City Of Toronto for the feature. Many thanks for this. 


Have a blessed day everyone and though the road seems rough now it will get better. 



Hey Royals,


As you may or may not know. I have an art venture that I am currently embarking on. I would love your support if you could check out my products and share with your friends. I currently have free shipping until the end of this year. That is 7 months of free shipping to the specific areas please check website for details.


Second Single I Want A Connection (IWAC) 

Hey Royals,

There is no better time than the present. I am moving with grace and guidance. This journey of creating and releasing music has not been easy. I have to keep reminding myself that the purpose is to do what I was destined to do.

 I have made a shift in my dating life and I can say that it surely has let me see that there are a vast majority of men/boys that have nothing to offer. I have also learned of areas within myself that I need to work on as well which has truly allowed God to work in me. I hope this song is enlightening to you and allows you to know that you are worth more than sexual exchange of energy and confusion. 

You have the right to ask for clarity.

You have the right to decline offers.

You are worth a lot!

Listen to your instincts!

Be royal and nothing less. 


Pre-save IWAC

Update on Contest  



Hey Royals,  

I come to share that the contest that was running is over and there is no winner. Thank you to those who shared the song along the way or streamed or downloaded it. I am truly grateful with that being said I will hand out the prizes another way. Which will be announced at a later date until then follow me on all social media platforms and continue to share and stream FOCUS. LOVE YOU. HAVE A BLESSED DAY!

INTERVIEW WITH Dennis Barham  


Hey Royals, 

A huge thank you to Dennis Barham, Phililp, and my younger brother Cohane.

I am so thankful to be living in what God placed in my heart. I can say that it is amazing but it is truly hard but I am glad I can say I am doing it with little to no regret. Please check out the interview on Dennis Barham's  YouTube Channel. 

Joyful Journey