I am just going to start...I have been seeing a lot of these numbers lately as I have been pursuing music could be something could be nothing at all... 111, 222, 333, 444, 555....My eyes are really heavy right now but I am pushing to continue to put some much needed work in my career as a musician. No sleep..No gain.. or something like that. Well, I made a few posters and they looking pretty cute. I paid a few US dollars but its all good. I have not performed in a while so I hope this show is AMAZING. I am feeling all types of emotions; happy, excited, nervous, anxious, and all sorts but all in all I just wanna do my best! Keep checking back to see what I am up to. Typos..hey it happens this isn't English class and guess what I am an artist ...I am allowed to make mistakes right....:)

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