Good Morning Royalty!

I recently decided I wanted to volunteer for different social events within the city. So I found two events Jerk Fest and also Afro-Carib. It was really an interesting experience. I got to see what happens behind the scenes at festivals and it is hard work! You will encounter some very nice and welcoming people but then also some rude inpatient people as well. Atleast now I know what to expect when I volunteer at these events. When I was younger I think I got most of my volunteer experience from church so I didn't really do events. But if I can say this one thing. Please staff and attendees of these events respect the volunteers because you never know what they are going thorough or how long they have been working. Be appreciative of their time and service to the community no matter how small. 

Have a blessed day! May god continue to guide and protect you all.

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