I like my Koffee straight

Greetings Kings and Queens, 

You are Royal. 

On August 5,2019 I went to see Koffee live in concert at Phoenix Concert Theatre. It was Rammmmed! It was hotttttt! And the Dj killllllled it. He set up the vibez so nice before Koffee came out. 

There were two opening acts but in my humble opinion they would have been better suited for an older crowd. I felt a lot of the Koffee fans never knew who these artist's were. But anyways Thanks to them for showing us their passion for music. 

So, I am starting to get older and my old age is kicking in at about the 9:30 mark lol. My right knee starts paining and I begin sweating. I am still trying to enjoy myself cause I did pay to get in so I had to make the most of it. 

The last set is done and now Koffee's band is setting up! The excitement is peaked by Mc Femi doing some of his og music and giving us some afro dancing. It was niceness. 

10:25 ish is when Femi starts to announce Koffee coming on stage. The crowd is loud loud loud. Energy is high high high. It was honestly such a blessing to see her perform. I am very proud of her and I know with time, practice, patience, humbleness, guidance, and natural talent she will get better! 

She performed only one song I didn't know but I enjoyed it same way! 

My favorite from her right now is Rapture! She gave us a double dose of that! Thank you!

I wish her much success and joy while in the music industry and pray she continues to put God first! 



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