Martkd Sneaker Competition

Good Evening Kings ad Queens,

You are royal.

On August 4,2019 was my second art competition called Martkd at Scarborough Town Centre but before I continue I must shoutout the DJ cause he had me with the 90's soul vibes! 

So now, for the competition there were 9 people originally who had registered ahead of time, including myself. But, because of circumstances that are unknown, two artist didn't show up. One artist's mom filled his spot. (Go Deh Mama) The second artist was chosen from the crowd as she was the first one to walk up after an open call.

We only had 20 MINUTES!!! to complete our designs. Our theme was Scarborough Community and Culture. I can not lie I was shaking as I was drawing and colouring my design, my mouth was well dry lol but I had fun! As the time was ticking people were watching, taking pictures, and videotaping as well.

In the end there were four prized winners(but we are all winners because it was hard). There was a 4th,3rd,2nd, and 1st place. I received 3rd place. Thank you to all those that voted and supported the event of course thank you!




Blessings to the most high! Have a blessed day! Can't wait to do another event. Stay tuned for more content!

Thank you also to Mahara D. for the photos! Visit her page on Instagram: @ticklemymuse


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